Friday, January 4, 2008

Sea of Red

Acrylic and Gesso on Canvas
24" x 18"
This is Adam. He attends Lakehead, likes soccer, plays poker and drinks my Dad's beer. He also lives downstairs. Staying consistent with my effort to involve my family in my artwork, I decided to paint a picture I have always had of my older brother. I have held onto the photo for six years. I thought it was was dramatically captivating the way everyone is conversing and Adam is the only one looking at you. The composition is amazing. One of those instances of accidental bonuses. I've decided to incorporate this painting into my collection I'm working on dealing with confrontation. For now I just gave it to my mom. I have never really dealt with multiple figures and this much skin tone. I enjoyed the problem solving and dealing with shadows. The figures in the back are gradually standing under an archway. It was interesting to experiment with shadows, skin tones and atmosphere. I'm hoping to incorporate some of the skin tone tricks/shortcuts I have learned into my school work. I'm glad I had the time to paint over the break. Brought me down to Earth a little bit.
P.S. For all you movie buffs, check out "Perfume". It's originally a novel by Patrick Süskind, but until recently put onto film. It's an amazing story unlike any I have ever seen. Is it possible for the protagonist to be the antagonist at the same time? Guess you better find out.
P.P.S. For all you art nerds, check out this man's paintings. And yes they are paintings. He gives Chuck Close a ride for his money. One word. . . . . WATERCOLOUR!

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Yuta said...

nice painting greg!!skin tone is definitely one of the hardest things to control! check out this guy!
he is my favorite artist now!his paintings look soooo yummy...