Thursday, February 4, 2010

New Blog and Website!!!

Hey everyone!
This blog has moved to my new website. You can catch up on my ramblings about art and life on my new website. See you there!

Friday, September 18, 2009

New Compass, New Direction

Post 144. Roughly three years ago I created this blog to track my progress. I've accomplished that goal and need to move forward. Lately I've been relying on digital media far too heavily. I don't like the direction I'm heading in, so this is it. No more posts. It was fun while it lasted. Thanks for all the support/critiques. Sorry if I've disappointed anyone.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Viva Las Web Site

Lately I've been working on a web site design for a very talented photographer friend of mine named Shannon. She loooooves the 1950's and all that encompasses that time period. So -- for the design aspects of her website we thought, why not give it an older, retro feel. The digi-sketches above are roughs for the navigation buttons used to browse each particular gallery. They are themed after old neon signs from Vegas. By the end of the process the site will have somewhat of a 3D feel. Imitate the Vegas strip maybe. Possibly some flash design. WHO KNOWS! For now, concept, concept, concept!

P.S. Design School is pretty intensive. Kind of intimidating. And very time consuming. I will try to post something related to my West Coast conversion soon . . . hopefully.

Friday, September 4, 2009

I'm in Nanaimo B*tch!

So I've touched down in Nanaimo and have happily moved into my new place. It's quite cozy. Once I give the place some good ol' Greg Dubeau swagger I'll post some photos. I begin new classes at a new school on Tuesday. More art. Graphic Design actually. And advertising. And some marketing. I have some videos that would better describe why I am taking this direction. Please check them out. They are from some of my personal heroes. Enjoy.

  1. David Carson
  2. Stephan Sagmeister
  3. Malcolm Gladwell

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Sunday Experiment

"Media Experiment Portrait I"
Multimedia on Board
26" x 18"

Between the end of my summer job and the beginning of school this fall, I have a period of two weeks to wrap up summer holidays. Little to say I haven't been doing very much. Although, I have been painting and drawing again. I had some old boards and scrap pieces of paper kicking around, so I decided to do a portrait and some experimentation with media. It was fun to have no expectations. Just do whatever and see what turns out. I should do this more often.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Building Windows and Doors

At long last I can post the album artwork I have been working on for my good friend Jean-Paul De Roover. We began this project in late May. It was quite intensive. I really enjoyed the process of listening to the music, developing ideas and having my ideas be heard and critiqued. It was very liberating. I was also very proud of this project because I used next to no reference material.

The first spread is the front which shows a house taking on a life of its own. The second spread is the inside where the house represents two characters. We were trying to show the dichotomy between whether an individual should choose to use the door (the practical solution) or the window (the creative solution). There's a lot of underlying meaning in the artwork. I won't get into it right now.

The layout looks a bit weird to anyone who has not seen the physical product. The protruding top panels fold down into the 3-panel digipack. The digipack contains a full feature copy of the CD "Windows and Doors" and also a DVD package that includes music videos, photo gallery and behind the scenes footage. It is quite a unique and ambitious project to be orchestrated by one man -- Jean-Paul De Roover. Did I mention that the package has die-cuts and when folded properly forms a 3-dimensional house! Coooooolllll!!!

The release party will be on September 12th at Definitely Superior Art Gallery, in Thunder Bay. Unfortunately I will not be able to attend due to my studies. It's sure to be a great night.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Get in the Zone

I have been working with Youth Zone for a little while now and have grown a fond appreciation for their type of youth programming. They commissioned me to update their logo, which they have been using for the last four years. Their previous logo looked like this. I approached the project by doing some research into youth programming around North America and how these programs chose to represent themselves. I decided the new logo needed to represent the program in a more dynamic way. At the same time I wanted to hint at a retro feel because the program has such a great history; hence, the combination of a very modern sans serif typeface (i.e. Arial Black), sleek, stylized shapes and simple varsity colours. I'm very happy with the outcome. This logo will take affect in January 2010.

Sunday, August 9, 2009


I have been pushing myself pretty hard illustrating the album artwork for my good friend Jean-Paul De Roover. Not until recent events have I realized how lucky I am to be a part of this project. There are a lot of talented people Jean-Paul brought in to work on this album in regards to web, photography, video, sound and of course illustration. The artwork is soooo close to being complete. My mind is going bonkers thinking about how cool this project will look after print. I have never seen a CD/DVD packaged so creatively. I'll post all album artwork soon when I can officially say that my role is complete. Good stuff. Anxious to finish and move on to my next project.