Friday, August 21, 2009

Get in the Zone

I have been working with Youth Zone for a little while now and have grown a fond appreciation for their type of youth programming. They commissioned me to update their logo, which they have been using for the last four years. Their previous logo looked like this. I approached the project by doing some research into youth programming around North America and how these programs chose to represent themselves. I decided the new logo needed to represent the program in a more dynamic way. At the same time I wanted to hint at a retro feel because the program has such a great history; hence, the combination of a very modern sans serif typeface (i.e. Arial Black), sleek, stylized shapes and simple varsity colours. I'm very happy with the outcome. This logo will take affect in January 2010.


bryce huffman said...

haha, its a good thing they updated it. I think Zoo York might have gotten a little upset.

Greg Dubeau said...

I know right. I couldn't believe that they paid some cracky to trace the Zoo York logo for them. Gutless!