Monday, January 5, 2009

No Class, Just Spare Time

Sexual Education I
9" x 13"
Sexual Education II
9" x 13"

These are two paintings that began as ideas in my sketchbook. I thought I would pursue them in the hopes of staying creative over the break -- plus I really wanted to bust into some watercolours! I tried some experimentation and such. Sorry for the reproduction quality. I find watercolour paper has a grudge against my camera and/or photography skills.
This is a take on male vs. female (guess which is which!). I tried to associate a theme of early sexual education through the school-like photos, uniforms, etc. I was aiming for the whole "boarding school" thing. Very upper class. I'm not concerned with the outcome, I just needed the painting time to reflect on the upcoming year ahead. So much is uncertain and I am more concerned for myself than ever before. The near future is scary and right now I'm feeling a little anxious and impatient. I was hoping to do more creative things over the break; however, I think I've been forcing myself to produce. Hasn't been working out in my favour. Right now I'm ready to head back to school and to confront the beast . . . I mean my future. Wish me luck.


Ryan Christiani said...

Ohhhh I get it...nice greg.

irma kniivila said...

Something about how retarded both animals look makes me laugh really, really hard.

Well played.