Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Game Time

Narrative class. Once again. This is a four panel strip based on word play. The phrase I chose was "hell on high heels". And above is my take on the greatest rivalry in sports, the New York Yankees vs. the Boston Red Sox. I've noticed that I have been relying on the computer these days for a lot of my finished artwork. A part of me feels guilty about not using more traditional media. Drawing and painting for me has been a big turn off this semester. I look around and see nothing but the same things being produced. I remember in first year how excited I was to be a part of my class because we had so much character. So many people were doing exciting things. I was very inspired. I haven't been seeing that lately. Maybe I have been desensitized? Maybe fatigue has been kicking in? Or maybe we were all never really as good as we thought we were? I talked to some professors about this topic and they all seemed to tell me the same thing, "stay honest". Talent + Hard Work = Success. I feel that something very big is going to happen to me very soon.

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