Sunday, May 4, 2008

Saddle Up

It's on! I'm back in the Bay and pretty excited about it. Lots of really exciting things are going on for me right now. Among the highlights are: Co-op begins tomorrow, secured two big commissions, working on a proposal for a public art project, starting to illustrate a kids book! and I have an insatiable need to paint some sort of wildlife. I took my camera out the other day and shot some local scenery. Lots of rapids, water, trees and trails. Going to paint one photo that I will not show you now. It's a secret. Trying to stay with the whole "confrontation through nature" theme I started last summer. I'll try to post some progress shots eventually.
AND FRAMES! I found out that Thunder Bay is a goldmine for old antique frames . . . . that nobody wants! I'm hoping to have all my pieces framed for my first show in June. Around 20 of them. I have been doing a lot of planning, no real artwork as of late. Some sketchbookisms. Lots to do!

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Ryan Christiani said...

Lets see some more pictures!