Thursday, April 17, 2008

Smokers are Jokers

Drug Dealer/Clown Experiment Stencils
Graphite and Acrylic on Paper
30" x 15"
Drug Dealer/Clown Demo Stencil
Acrylic and Gesso on Paper
20" x 14"
Laaaaaaast Interpretive project of the year. This was actually a group project. My group consisted of me, Yuta, Ryan, Miles and Mike. The basis of the project was to organize a publicity campaign for a non-for profit organization. We chose the "Anti-Drug Campaign" aimed towards the Kensington Market community of Toronto. All of our projects paralleled the same theme (drugs are a joke); however, we all chose different directions to pursue. I did graffiti because I was interested in researching graffiti campaigns targeted towards government, society and corporations. This led me to the work of Banksy, Eelus and Roadsworth. Their work is very inspiring. I am seriously considering a jump to graffiti in more of a public/social context. But don't tell anyone it was me!

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